Bicycle Spokes Become The Main Tool to Process This Food

When you visit every city, you must east every delicacy they have to offer there including Jogjakarta. This city is the most visited city in Indonesia since there are so many tourism spots including the delicacies they offer. One of them is Satay Klatak. Nasi gudeg is another typical food you need to taste but it is quite common so you need to taste another kind of delicacy there and Satay Klatak is the best to know the history behind this famous grilled satay in Jogja.


The History of Satay Klatak, Iconic Food from Jogja

satay klatak jogjaJogjakarta is the city you can’t miss when you visit Indonesia or Central Java. You can do many things there including tasting the food. There are so many delicacies in Jogja you can try and one of them is Satay Klatak.

It is not the fancy meal and you can even find it on the street with affordable price. Satay is common in Indonesia and perhaps, this is one of the identities of this country. However, what makes Satay Klatak different from other kind of satay in Indonesia so you need to try?

Basically, this satay Klatak is found coincidentally. Pak Pong is the owner of Satay Klatak and said that his grandfather actually sold “Gulai” and not satay. Back then, his grandfather sold it not at the restaurant but he offered his menu door to door.

Satay was not the original menu and it was only the side dish while Gulai was the main menu. Satay Klatak was from the sound of the salt which was burnt on the flame when satay was grilled. Yes, back then, salt was the only seasoning of the meat for Satay.

When the satay was grilled along with the salt, it sounded “klatak, klatak, klatak” and Satay Klatak was born like that. This is the great culinary you need to taste and the main ingredient for this meat is goat. This is the popular menu and many people queue to buy it.

Nowadays, the main seasonings used to make Satay Klatak are pepper and salt. What makes this meal unique is because this satay doesn’t use wooden stick to grill the meat but it uses iron stick from bicycle spokesso it can make the meat cooked well.

Bicycle Spokes Become The Main Tool to Process This FoodThis satay is mostly served with gulai which is also made of goat meat with broth. The Gulai is rich in spices and seasonings so it can be the perfect companion for the Satay.

You may not see any sweet soy sauce at all as the marinating spice or even the sauce for the satay. It is the icon of Jogjakarta’s culinary.

There are many people who choose to sell this menu at the same place so you can choose which one you want to visit and try. Another difference between this satay and also ordinary Maduranese satay is the size.

Maduranese satay tends to be smaller than Satay Klatak because the meat for Satay Klatak is so big or in big chunk so you will not get it in 10 sticks just like one portion menu of Maduranese satay.

However, Satay Klatak can make you full enough and you may feel the true taste of goat meat for your food due to the simple seasonings.